Anti Static IC Shipping Tube customization guidelines

Antistatic IC tube customization, need to provide the following four aspects of information: First, the choice of tube material; Second, the size of the parts or physical; Third, the length of the tube; Fourth, the choice of plug.

First, the choice of materials.Anti-static Plastic IC Tubes generally choose PVS or PS materials. The PVC material IC shipping tube is easy to form, easy to process, and the price is cheap. Under normal circumstances, the customer chooses the PVC material IC packaging tube most. The disadvantage of the PVC material IC shipping tube is that it does not meet the halogen-free requirements. If the customer has halogen requirements for the IC packaging tube, then choose the anti static plastic IC shipping tube of PS material, and the IC shipping tube of PS material meets the requirements of halogen-free and Sony SS-00259. The disadvantage of the PS material IC packaging tube is that the price is much more expensive than the IC packaging tube of the PVC material.

For the characteristics of related materials, please refer to the document IC packaging tube and its material introduction

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Second, the size of the parts. IC shipping tube customization, need to provide parts drawings, can not provide parts drawings, provide 3-5 parts real samples to us is also possible. We design packaging tubes suitable for automated production lines and long-distance transportation based on part drawings or actual parts.

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Third, the length of the tube. There are two ways to choose the length of the tube. One is that the customer directly tells us the length of the tube, and the other is that the customer asks us to determine the length of the tube according to the number of parts that need to be placed in a tube.

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Fourth, the choice of plugging. The plug of the tube can be selected from rubber plugs or plastic nails. If you choose the plastic nail, you need to punch the hole. Use the matching nail to block the nozzle. If you choose the rubber plug, you don’t need to punch the hole. Just select the appropriate rubber plug to seal the nozzle according to the size of the nozzle.

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